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Amy Buchman wins well-deserved award (2006-07-28)

Amy Buchman mixing her first love with the second: playing tennis at Grove Isle.

Edward Villella no doubt will grinch at Amy's impromptu Sissonne Ouverte position. But the Artistic Director of the Miami City Ballet knows better.

Miami City Ballet applauds the recipient of the Miami City Ballet School Enhancement of Education Award, Dr. Amy Buchman.

The award was created especially for the school to be awarded annually at Miami City Ballet School’s Student Showcase.

The Enhancement of Education Award has become an annual tradition for Miami City Ballet School.

This prestigious award is given to very special friends of Miami City Ballet who have distinguished themselves through the quality of their commitment to Miami City Ballet School either by their dedication and support of our programs through volunteerism and emotional support or with a significant financial commitment.

Ballet has been the love of her life, so it is only natural that Amy Buchman devotes so much of her life to helping Miami City Ballet School. Dr. Buchman, who has a Ph.D. in kinesiology and physiology from Columbia University in New York, is a physical trainer who is on a mission — to keep bodies healthy. She used her great energy and determination to organize the International Dance and Exercise Association and establish industry standards to protect the public.

Dr. Buchman began dancing at the age of five. She apprenticed with the Robert Joffrey Ballet, danced with the Royal Ballet as a Fulbright Scholar, had roles on Broadway in Hair and Grease, and appeared in the motion picture, Fame. She remains as enamored of ballet today as she was when she donned her first tutu. “It has never lost its fascination for me. The happiest years of my life have been when I was onstage or later backstage.” These days, you will frequently find Dr. Buchman watching from the wings when her beloved Miami City Ballet performs.

“I moved [to Florida] when I heard Eddie Villella left New York to start a ballet company in Miami; I figured Florida has to have something to keep him down here,” said Dr. Buchman. She discovered a role for herself and quickly got involved with the Miami City Ballet School. For nearly ten years she has served the School — as a member of the Advisory Circle and the Showcase Committee, as chair of the Student Showcase, and as a dedicated patron and supporter of the School Scholarship Fund.

CLICK TO ENLARGEIt is with gratitude and great pride that Miami City Ballet School presents the Enhancement of Education Award to Dr. Amy Buchman.

Dear Amy, your friends at Grove Isle Club are very proud of you and congratulate you for receiving this distinguished award. We also look forward to your continuing to practice the jeté on the tennis court. The elegance of the dance step as practiced on the tennis court is simply fascinating.

Laurie Pallot echoes the sentiment of her Grove Isle friends: "Amy is a multi talented individual, not only a natural athlete, but a natural communicator and conversationalist. With her good nature and positive attitude she not only knows everyone but is friends with everyone."

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