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Live, laugh, love, and be happy (2006-09-27)

Click to enlargeHer philosophy in life is to live, laugh, love and be happy. And the advertising sales executive whose career kept her busy delivering positive messages, and who fell in love with Grove Isle, her home since 1987, means every word.

“My name is Sheila Goodman, like in good man, and a good man is hard to find,” is how the vivacious native New Yorker introduces herself.

Only married for five years and two small children, the single parent moved from Los Angeles to Coral Gables where her parents lived. “They were very good to me and helpful in bringing up my children.”

The energy-laden grandmother of four looks back on the hard times and proudly proclaims, “My daughters are now in New York with very successful careers. Tammy is the Director of Global Advertising at Unilever Cosmetics International and Cindy plans events and promotions for a major boxing company.”

Physical fitness is part of Sheila’s routine. She completed two half-marathons this year at Walt Disney World and the Miami Tropical Marathon. “In pretty good time,” she hastens to add.

Tennis has become another love. You will find her very often on the Grove Isle courts playing with friends and competitively as a member of a team.

Sheila’s professional career began working for a newspaper interviewing writers and profiling them. But she needed more income to raise the children. “I even had my own radio show, Zany Zodiac, in Miami, during those wild late ’60s,” the talented communicator reveals.

Sheila graduated from the prestigious Hunter College High School in Manhattan and earned her baccalaureate degree at the University of Miami.

The resolute go-getter was one of the first women in advertising sales now dominated by women.

“I was the first woman invited to an Esquire magazine sales meeting in 1972 and they started the meeting with, ‘Gentlemen, ah, Lady and gentlemen.’ And they didn’t make any jokes. I thought I was singled out.”

Sheila worked for MPR for 30 years and represented major magazines including Vogue’s international editions, the New Yorker, Gourmet, and Vanity Fair. Now she has her own business, Grove Media, Inc, representing three trade wine and spirits magazines and Luxury Communities, a luxury real estate magazine making its debut in October.

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The Yo-Yo Sisters serenade at the farewell party for tennis pro Leandro Gutierrez: Sheila Goodman, Hetty van de Kreeke, Yuen Swing, and Susie Conroy. Missing the fun are Marlene Reetz and Donna Singer.

Sheila is one of the six Yo-Yo Sisters — they organize tennis games, travel together, go to each others’ homes for parties, and support each other. “We have a very nice bonding between the six girls,” Sheila says.

Why Grove Isle? The children were grown. “Now I wanted a different lifestyle.” She also confides her love for being on the water.

“There was a lot of activity here at Grove Isle when I first moved here,” the new-lifestyle seeker explains. “The club was in its heyday; there were Friday night seafood buffets, all kinds of things going on at the club. We didn’t have to leave the island; there was so much happening here. The club was the social hub, including dancing and sing-along at the piano.”

Happy Sheila goes on: “I am so happy to see the spa under construction. I love walking around the island. It’s such a joy to see dolphins bobbing out of the water and tagging along with us walkers. It’s just beautiful, absolutely beautiful. I wouldn’t live anywhere else. It is paradise!”

Sheila Goodman loves watching the beautiful sunsets from her apartment, surrounded by the grand lifestyle of her choosing, and blessed by the company of her many friends and Justin Cohn, the good man she found and shares her wonderful life with.


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