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“I’m fine, thank you.” No, you are not (2006-10-03)

I introduce myselfChoose
and Lose


I have been brought up and trained
to have the utmost contempt
for people who get drunk.
Winston Churchill (1874-1965)
British statesman and author

Let me call her Julie. She plunged into heavy drinking and desperately needs help — and time is of the essence.

Not even the words of a friend to whom Julie often turned for advice would bombinate and arouse the conscience of her family and friends:

Without “Baker Acting” her I don’t see much point in destroying her or ourselves. She did not benefit from that which she has attended, and apparently will not or cannot help herself. Bottles of wine a day destroy brain cells, Julie is in a downward spiral. Left to her own devices she will eventually wind up hurting herself or others. Bringing her alcoholic drinks is only enabling the worst kind of behavior and preventing any hope of recovery. Friends don’t do that; for her sake she needs to totally dry out and be in a rehab program NOW.

 What if the one being held prisoner by alcohol finds the courage to admit the addiction? It is the first significant step on the road toward recovery.

Unfortunately, that step for some, including recalcitrant Julie, is more difficult than setting foot onto the moon’s surface because for them admission of a flaw in one’s life is impossible and unacceptable. Denial and continuing to hide under the cloak of “I’m fine, thank you” is how most of us want to look at life and ourselves. What a tragic mistake! Not only does this denial jeopardize reaching the goal of living a healthy and happy life again with peace of mind as a supreme bonus, there’s one other factor that comes into play: blaming others and thereby causing pain and suffering for those who are so sought out and blemished. Such reckless efforts involve embarking on story telling not easily countered because emotions are used in support of the issues instead of facts. There’s nothing for those targeted to gainsay the desperate whisper campaigns either. Being engulfed in denial triggers blindness toward the ugly addiction whilst the bright beam of targeting a scapegoat races like wildfire from ear to ear.

Look around you. How many of your family members, friends, or acquaintances suffer from the evils of alcohol addiction? Take a close look! How many? It’s too many, is it not? Now count those whose life is no longer one of bliss:

They don’t get up in the morning feeling good.

They don’t make for good companionship.

They don’t live productive lives.

They suffer health issues (often painful and devastating).

They die long before they should (though some dodge the dilemma).


Let Julie’s fate be an inspiration for those whose life spells desperation.

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