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Nine rules for keeping the weight off (2006-11-17)

Never skip breakfast.
Focus on getting more of your food earlier in the day and you’ll burn more calories instead of storing them as fat.

Regular exercise is important, but don’t miss out on the everyday actions, such becoming an “inefficiency” expert, so you make more than one trip to put the laundry away. Walk 11-12,000 steps a day.

Read labels … REPEAT read labels.
Check the serving size and number in the package and compare the weight of a “low carb” serving with a regular version. Many times the portion has been reduced, the servings per container INCREASED and the fat has been increased to create a lower carb count.

Write it down.
Keeping track of how often you exercise, how many servings of fruit or dairy can make you conscious of your eating habits and point out a weight-gain trend before you’ve packed on 10 pounds.

Plan for disasters.
Stressful times will tempt you to go back to your old habits, so have a strategy in place (yoga, call friends but anything other than food) and write it down.

Don’t binge on weekends.
Instead, eat in the same manner every day and you’ll be one and a half times more likely to maintain your weight.

Special occasions ARE special occasions.
Don’t treat every restaurant meal as a special occasion when it’s an “I don’t want to cook” meal. In this way, you can indulge the moments that really count.

Put yourself at the top of your TO DO list.
Start doing now what you dream you will do “when you lose weight” and the rest will follow.

Acknowledge it will be easier the longer you do it.
Research shows the more you adhere to a healthy lifestyle, the easier it becomes to continue it and keep the weight off.

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