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Majority of Americans prefer computer to spouse (2007-01-23)

Survey shows 65 percent spend more time with their home computer than their significant other

Don’t say to the love of your life, “Either that computer goes or I do!” According to a new survey, you’ll be packing your bags.

Sixty-five percent of Americans polled said they spend more time with their home computer than their spouse or significant other, according to new research by Kelton Research released Monday.

Those who have chosen computer over companion don’t seem to be getting much satisfaction from their inanimate partner. Of those answering, 84 percent said they were more dependent on their home computer now than three years ago, but that on average, they had experienced computer trouble eight times in those three years, and estimated they wasted 12 hours per month due to home computer problems, the report said.

The majority of those surveyed — 52 percent — described the experience of their biggest recent computer problem as one of anger, sadness, or alienation.


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