Why does Pierre Heafey now focus on hiding his plans for the Coconut Grove Playhouse?


Québécois real estate developer Pierre Heafey has taken a cowardly, immoral step to hide the truth about his plans to destroy the Coconut Grove Playhouse in Miami and team up with Québécois Gino Falsetto to develop a monster condo complex.

HORROR STRUCK ME and caused my blood pressure to spike. ’Twas the early evening of Thursday, the fifth day of September when I attempted to send an email but my email system was down. Suspecting a technical glitch at the 1&1 Internet servers, my hosting company for many years, I telephoned Tech Support only to be advised that all is well. What’s wrong? Following a short on hold, the friendly and helpful voice reaching me from the Philippines to where 1&1 Internet's tech support is being outsourced advised me that my account has been deactivated and none of 1&1 Internet's web hosting and email services are at my disposal until I contact the complaining party and resolve the dispute. Who? Why? More on hold time until what I could have expected was handed to me with no uncertain finality. Our Legal Department received an email asking to have the website www.thetruthwillsetthecoconutgroveplayhousefree.org removed the friendly tech support technician reported; but she didn't have an answer for the "Who done it?" She didn't have to say it, but 1&1 Internet's snap decision to shut me down avoids 1&1 Internet from standing by a loyal customer and standing up for righteousness and in support of honest principles. Let me share with you the email in question that had arrived from Canada. 

Indeed, you are reading correctly. Multi-millionaire Pierre Heafey, founder and president of Groupe Heafey in Gatineau, Quebec triggered the revealing message. Details about his empire are displayed at www.groupeheafey.com.

Upon reaching 1&1 Legal on the day of horror via an alternate email system a reply email advised me I was contacted by 1&1 Legal via email on August 21 and September 3. I did not receive the first and the second was enjoying the company of hundreds of undesirables in my Junk-Email folder. Definitely no kudos are in order for the 1 & 1 legal beagles. I then was sent the August 21 email with the attachment containing the Groupe Heafey email and the 11-page March 7, 2013 court order signed by The Honorable Ronald C. Dresnick. I invite you to read the court order for your perusal. Please help me find where the court order gave the Canadian company Groupe Heafey the right to ask for the removal of the Coconut Grove Playhouse supporting website and 1 & 1 Internet Inc. the authority to honor the falsely justified demand. Another example of how Pierre Heafey operates: he misleads and lies, and orders his employees to do likewise.

My immediate needs dictated giving in and removing the website. Of course, two options will bring the Coconut Grove Action Forum website in support of saving the Coconut Grove Playhouse from destruction and the marauding plans of Pierre Heafey and Gino Falsetto to life again.

(1) Option one entails legal actions against Pierre Heafey, Groupe Heafey and 1&1 Internet Inc.

(2) The easier and more rapidly implemented option two is to move all web hosting and email business to one of the other fine companies offering such service. Must the website or its successor go underground and host with an overseas company which protects the identity of the website principles?

Hopefully, neither option is necessary if 1&1 Internet management realizes they were duped and have become a co-conspirator in Pierre Heafey’s desperate attempt to hide the truth.

Of course, in the meantime, Pierre Heafey and his cohorts can bask in the sun of satisfaction having successfully duped a respected company and blocked concerned citizens from warning the Miami community and theater enthusiasts about the grave dangers and from telling the truth.

Of course, I shall not walk away, let the truth be hidden about the danger the Playhouse is facing, and give up and give in. I am committed to help save the Coconut Grove Playhouse and my commitment is solidly hammered into stone.

On Saturday, September 7, I sent an email to Mr. Pierre Heafey containing the following message:

Let us take a closer look at the Groupe Heafey email of August 21.

My email campaign of August 19 to my readers (just two days earlier) featured an article titled “Do banks or the taxpayers finance mortgage fraud?” This article discussed in great detail a real estate mortgage fraud case totally unrelated to Pierre Heafey but addressing the issue of FBI investigation because not only was the lending bank swindled, the United States government and the American taxpayers were defrauded as well.

Did Pierre Heafey panic because some years ago real estate promoter Heafey and his Canadian partner, Kenny Arsenault, operated a tax shelter scheme in which wealthy and prominent Canadian citizens were sold units in Miami’s The Grand condominium, and Heafey’s and Arsenault's Canadian company especially organized to handle the tax shelter project pleaded guilty to mortgage fraud and paid an $800,000 fine to the United States as ordered by Miami’s federal court.

Fighting Crime

in the

United States



I reported on a very clever real estate scheme carried out by Gino Falsetto with the help of Pierre Heafey. Yet other mortgage fraud investigations involving Pierre Heafey’s partner Gino Falsetto and Falsetto's wife Magdalena Farias, Pierre Heafey partner and attorney Dennis Bedard, daughter Nathalie Heafey, and Julie Grimes (the mother of Pierre Heafey’s daughter) were brought to light. All of these mortgage fraud schemes totalled millions of dollars.

Pierre Heafey, Gino Falsetto, Dennis Bedard, Nathalie Heafey, Julie Grimes, and Magdalena Farias

There's yet another key to the puzzle why the Playhouse website must be shut down. This website reported on the possible dream of real estate developers Pierre Heafey's and Gino Falsetto's building a monster condo complex. Here's a sketch what could turn Coconut Grove's historic African-American heritage, with the Coconut Grove Playhouse in the center, into a Heafey-Falsetto monstracity. And then there are true story after true story helping identify who Pierre Heafey and Gino Falsetto really are and what their motives are to create wealth at the expense of innocent victims.

Pierre Heafey and Gino Falsetto are after
the Coconut Grove Playhouse.

They already grabbed the two empty lots behind the Playhouse via dubious means.

The E.W.F. Stirrup House across the street is in their pocket with a 50-year lease and left to suffer destruction via neglect. The Playhouse is next.
(Read the many true stories documented below.)

Their goal is a multi-use condominium complex and
the Coconut Grove Playhouse cultural glory disappears.


Thousands of indians want the Playhouse saved, plenty of chiefs are popping up all over the battlefield, but where is the leadership to stand up against the ruthless and powerful avarice-driven two condo developer vultures? Let the curtain rise on this spectacular drama with a renowned director in charge and a results-oriented producer at the helm.

$  $  $  $  $  $  $  $  $  $  $  $  $  $

$  $  $  Le Coco Suprême  $  $  $

Will the Dream of
Pierre Heafey and Gino Falsetto Become a Realty?

1 – Playhouse, 2&3 – Vacant Lots, 4 – E.W.F. Stirrup House, 5 – Grove Garden Residences Condominium, 6 – Regions Bank, 7&8 – Vacant Lots, 9 – 2-Unit Residence,
– Bridge across Charles Avenue

This monster complex — dubbed Le Coco Suprême — will be the largest multi-use condominium complex in all of Florida: a 5.6 acre multi-use condo complex, the biggest Heafey and Falsetto have ever carried out here and in Canada. They want it to be their crowning achievement. It will dwarf what Heafey has done in Quebec. (In comparison, Cocowalk within walking distance up the street is 2.18 acres.)
The plan entails a 960-unit residential condo, a 360-room hotel, 200,000 sq.ft. retail space, 4 restaurants, a movie-theater complex, a gym, a bowling alley or ice skating rink, 3,800 space high-rise garage to also serve the downtown Grove, a bank (Regions), a Bed & Breakfast in the E.W.F. Stirrup House, a remodeled, brand-new miniature Goconut Grove Playhouse, and the current Grove Garden Residences multi-use condo complex. A bridge over Charles Avenue will connect everything. The high-rise garage will be on the north side (closest to downtown for access to all Coconut Grove downtown visitors) with an arcade of shops at street level facing Main Highway.

The Question
Remaining Is:

Give It Back
To Whom?
To Avarice-Driven
Condo Developer

Give It Back!
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This report is brought to you to present a closer look at Gino Falsetto, the man who is holding the future of The Coconut Grove Playhouse, The E.W.F. Stirrup House, and the historic Charles Avenue neighborhood with its African-American heritage in his hands. What will we find in his pockets? Miami’s future well-being demands an answer. Read more.

Source: Headly Westerfield’s Aunty Em Ericann Blog

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Gino Falsetto goes after a Miami landmark, listed in the city's historic registry, and with sly strategies has convinced the city fathers to change zoning which opens the gates to turn this 115-year-old residence into a commercial venture.
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The Miami city fathers are well advised to carefully study the actions of the Quebecois real estate promoter duo of Pierre Heafey and Gino Falsetto because they are inch by inch grabbing a historic portion of Miami real estate in downtown Coconut Grove and forcing their subjects into servitude and exploitation as evidenced by their other real estate properties in Miami, Miami Beach, and other places.

Source: www.Heafey-Falsetto-Leaks.com

Do you now understand why I must be silenced and my means of communicating with the world via websites must be taken from me at all costs? Pierre Heafey’s motive for his brutal and immoral actions against me will not be squelched until law enforcement authorities take over.

For the record, I replicate here the email I sent to the management of 1&1 Internet AG in Karlsruhe, Germany and the management of its subsidiary, 1&1 Internet Inc., in Chesterbrook, Pennsylvania, USA.

My email is in response to an invitation to participate in a "Satisfaction of Service" survey conducted by 1&1 Internet triggerred by my call to Tech Support when 1&1 Internet pulled the plug on me because Québécois condo marauders Pierre Heafey and Gino Falsetto need to keep Miami's citizens in the dark and silence www.thetruthwillsetthecoconutgroveplayhousefree.org.


“To ignore evil is to become an accomplice to it.”

Martin Luther King Jr.


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