Heinz Dinter, PhD

Heinz Dinter, PhDDr. Dinter received his primary education in his native Germany, studied mathematics at the Technical University of Berlin, and attended the University of Florida where he earned his Doctor of Philosophy degree in economics and business administration (corporate finance). He also holds the Master of Arts degree in management and Bachelor of Science in mathematics cum laude.

His professional experience covers executive, consulting, and teaching assignments in business, government, and educational institutions. He began his professional career in 1958 while serving in the U.S. Air Force as computer programmer and advanced to systems analyst involving the design and implementation of many diverse business systems and scientific applications. While serving as manager of the University of Florida Computing Center he was involved in all aspects of the data processing management function. He taught data processing and computer science subjects at the university level and to business groups. His teaching experience also covers the preparation of and participation in executive development seminars on subjects relating to data processing, corporate finance, and business management.

Dr. Dinter’s entrepreneurial career began in 1967 when he founded a computer-technology-based company. As president he was responsible for offering computer products and services to a wide range of businesses and governmental organizations.

Dr. Dinter has been on the firing line: more than fifty years of active participation in the growth of the computer industry as programmer, systems analyst, manager, educator, editor of a personal computer software magazine, author, and entrepreneur of a software company, turnkey systems house, consulting firm, and computer systems manufacturer. His first-hand experience in building a one-man dream into a fifty-plus professional staff supplying computer systems, software services, and management consulting support to the end user, coupled with the first-hand experience of working with major investment firms serving the investment capital needs of small companies, gave him the knowledge and compassion to be able to help the entrepreneur.

Dr. Dinter has also extensive experience in the field of real estate investments. In the 1980s, he founded and operated a real estate brokerage company and served clients, including investors from Europe and South America, with consultations, investment analyses, contract negotiations, project management, and spearheaded syndications.

As founder and chairman of the Board of Advisors of The Institute for Personal Computing in 1983, Dr. Dinter contributed his efforts to the advancement of the personal computer and its uses through programs of education, information, and research.

He consulted with major hardware manufacturers and software publishers on new product developments, and authored the IBM PC and Compatibles, under contract with a prominent book publishing company.

Also in the early ’80s, he joined the editorial board of a new personal computing magazine that became the fastest growing PC-focused periodical in the industry.

The advent of the personal computer, desktop publishing and the laser printer spawned a new cottage industry: toner cartridge recycling. Driven by Dr. Dinter’s nationally distributed newsletter, Desktop Publishing Dialog, he organized and presented seminars and exhibits to these new entrepreneurs in the late ’80s, and founded the American Cartridge Recycling Association to serve this rapidly growing industry with education, information, and services.

As founder of Grand Lifestyle in 1990, Dr. Dinter combined the latest advances in personal computing and desktop publishing technology with the motivation to accept and stimulate entrepreneurial challenges. Grand Lifestyle magazine was initially published in printed form and evolved into a unique online “how to” lifestyle journal which presents dynamic messages, offers educational features, profiles fascinating people, and serves as a valuable catalyst between authors and readers. Grand Lifestyle offers viable solutions to the author looking for timely and cost-effective publishing services. As editor and publisher of Grand Lifestyle journal, he is committed to support book authors to the utmost.

In 2010, Dr. Dinter founded Everglades Eden — The Miami Sanctuary, a private, not-for-profit, all-volunteer organization whose mission is to improve the quality of life for homeless animals by giving them a home (www.EvergladesEden.org).

Dr. Dinter has written books relating to computer programming, data processing management and the effective use of computers. His lifestyle-focused books and booklets are available at www.GrandLifestyle.com, a website created and maintained by him. He has also published many articles, has presented papers at professional conferences, and enjoys public speaking engagements.

In addition to being engrossed in the world of computer technology and publishing, he is an avid pilot and relaxes by sailing and playing tennis in Miami, Florida.


A detailed curriculum vitae is available at www.GrandLifestyle.com/introduce-cv-HeinzDinter.pdf.

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