We introduce ourselves

Founded by Heinz Dinter, PhD idea-driven entrepreneur, author, and lecturer,
who has been on the firing line
introducing the benefits of computer & information technology for 50 years,
Grand Lifestyle began publishing in 1990

and is now embarking on the true realization of what publishing is
to make generally known
the messages for building a peace-of-mind-focused grand lifestyle.

Health first. Then we meet Challenges. The Grand Lifestyle follows.

Heinz Dinter, PhD
Editor & Publisher
rand Lifestyle Publisher
PO Box 558250, Miami, FL 33255-8250 USA
305-600-4655 305-431-1518 (C) HDinter (Skype) 305-600-1213 (Fax)

We invite you to review the curriculum vitae of Dr. Dinter by clicking here.

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Last Update 21 February 2014