Lolita welcomes you.

Welcome To My Loving Family

Click to enlargeDo you wish to read this true story?I am presenting the photo gallery below to serve as a motivator for you to adopt a pet.
All of the pets shown were adopted. They bring me true happiness.

Please help yourself to these photographs as long as they are for personal use and enjoyment and not used commercially.
Copyright 2008 Heinz Dinter

I invite you to scroll through the gallery of photos and left-click on the image to enlarge it.
I am maintaining this photo gallery in chronological order please view from bottom to top and right to left.
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Please let me know if you have problems printing or saving a photo. I will gladly help.
The collage on the left brings back memories of my family many moons ago.

Love is a condition in which the happiness of another person and pet is essential to your own.

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Chico, Guardian of the Cathouse.

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All right, now listen up.

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Chico with his favored toy.

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We are one big, happy family.

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Chico loves to sleep in this cozy place. That will make it easier to bring him home it's a handy carrier for the ride to his new abode.

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Look at the handsome Dackel.
Mia, Magic, and Dixie will fall in love with this possible new member of the family. Shall we adopt him?

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He didn't take his eyes off me.
It's his thank you. The thank you of the mother is understandably left private.

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3 September '08. It's the dawn of a new chapter in our life.
I came upon a family with three dachshunds and three children. The three-year-old named this little fellow quite observantly "Icecream Cone." It's a big rescue in the making.

Sweet dreams.
What better place than on top of my desk to call it a siesta.

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A tranquil three-some.

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Dixie heard there's a loving family that wants to take him in. Well, he is already packed and ready to go.

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Magic has a serious talk with Dixie about proper conduct when joining a new family while Mia is watching in silence.

Don't worry, Magic, I will be a good boy if my new family gives me a chance.

This is Dixie's way of demonstrating he's on top while Magic is busy taking a snooze.

Miami and Dixie are posing for the camera while getting some sun.

August '08. Look where we have to sleep now.

It's supposed to be MY bed.
Magic and Dixie certainly know how to take advantage of all the comforts of home.

Our family is proud to announce one of us is moving up in the world.
These 11-foot ceilings do present a challenge I cannot ignore meaning I will have to try some more.

Well, here I am.
I never doubted I could get to the top.

Mia,rise and shine! Please!
You are supposed to be on guard duty at this very moment.

Mia is supposed to be on guard duty guarding the premier January 1991 edition of Grand Lifestyle magazine.

Clever solution: Turning the trash can over for a siesta venue.

Copy-cat. Look at it this way: Dixie is a fast learner.

A hammock makes for a perfect siesta foundation.

Magic and Dixie are settling down for a quick siesta.

Here's a threesome siesta.

Magic teaches Dixie the facts of life.

Please don't tell anyone. Mia is a coffee freak.

Let me introduce Inspector Dixie. He's getting ready to certify the object's fitness preparatory to issuing the CO.

Okay, let's see what we have here.

Is the system functioning?

July '08. Oops! There's water running down there. Once that's fixed, I can issue the Certificate of Occupancy.

Copy-cat again.

Here it is Mia's turn.

A close-up gives evidence.

Magic with his adopted son.

That called for a catnip orgy.

Looks like Mia and Magic made friends with the newcomer and it was decided to name him Dixie in honor of his place of rescue.

Is that what a cat's tail is good for?

June '08. Magic, the show-off, in action.

Tennis anybody?

The little fellow, not yet named, carries out an inspection under the watchful eye of Magic.

I brought the little fellow home and passed out invitations for someone to adopt him.

10 May '08. "Stop," I screamed when this little fellow appeared in front of my car in the middle of South Dixie Highway at the height of drive-time on super-busy US1. Fortunately, we avoided a pile-up and rescued the tiny kitten.


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