Love your pets more and pay less doing so

You can save some money with coupons. I’m happy to provide you with all the necessary information so you can start saving on pet food and supplies today.

To start saving, I recommend you visit each pet store’s website and sign up for their newsletter. Often the newsletters contain valuable coupons and promotions that may not be advertised in the regular sales ads. Here are three, but there are others:,, and

Sign up for PetSmart PetPerks at

At Pet Supermarket you can pick up a V.I.P. member card which you need in order to sign up on their website to receive the newsletters and savings:

Petco’s Newsletter sign-up page can be found at

It’s imperative to take advantage of the PetSmart competitors coupon policy. This way you can save a significant amount when doing your shopping at PetSmart.

The most commonly used competitor coupon is the one from Pet Supermarket: $5 off a $25 order at

$2 off a $10 order is at

These coupons are issued by Pet Supermarket on a monthly basis; they are only valid until the end of each month. Simply print as many as you need.

You can also do a Google search for these coupons every month as well.

So whenever you purchase any item at PetSmart for more than $25 you can use a $5 off $25 competitor coupon.

I believe your orders at PetSmart amount to more than just $25. No problem. Let’s say you have an order that totals $121.45. In most instances PetSmart allows you to use 4 competitor coupons $5 off $25 and 2 competitor coupons for $2 off $10 which would instantly save you $24.

Certain PetSmart cashiers (and managers) refuse to do that, so the next best way to do it is to split up the order into smaller ($25) orders.

This is the basic process of applying competitor coupons to your orders.

Ideally, you would want to combine these competitor coupon savings with manufacturer’s coupons for the specific products you purchased.

There are a few ways to get a hold of these manufacturer’s coupons:

• Coupon inserts in the Saturday/Sunday newspaper

• Buy coupons from for a fraction of their face value

• Contact the manufacturer by phone and ask for coupons (usually once a month).

In order to research the best way to get hold of valuable manufacturer’s coupons you can use the website This website allows you to do specific product searches and check when a coupon will be included in the inserts of the weekend newspaper.

On eBay it’s also fairly simple by searching for example for “Cat Chow coupons” and you will receive a list of results of people selling Cat Chow coupons that you can apply to your order at PetSmart. Just be careful to purchase coupons that won’t expire soon and that the eBay seller has a decent sales record and reliability.

The next step to improve savings after using the competitor’s and manufacturer’s coupons is to use PetSmart’s price match policy.

Always do research if your favorite pet food may be on sale somewhere else. PetSmart matches almost any retailer’s prices as long as you can bring the ad or the receipt to PetSmart to show it to them.

To top it off you can still save more if you combine all listed savings above with in-store promotions like they have at the moment for Purina products. Every time you purchase a large bag of Cat Chow you instantly receive a $5 store coupon valid on your next purchase.

Adding all these together can save you 30% (often even more) per order.


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