Our heroine is a businesswoman in her early 40s, divorced, with no children. In her travels she meets a man in his early 60s who is handsome, charming and very successful. She thinks and hopes something might develop between the two.

One weekend he visits her, staying in the guestroom. After he leaves, she discovers that he has forgotten something — his girdle.

What should she do?

Ordinarily, had the visitor been a woman, she would return it without hesitation. If the male friend had left, say, his shorts, she would also not hesitate.

She ponders her options. If she does nothing, he may assume that she found the item in question, regard it as something shameful, and thus not feel he can acknowledge it. She would like to return it and somehow let him know that she doesn’t mind at all if he wears a girdle. What should she do?

The tactic she employs accomplishes both — deal with the girdle and with the relationship.

She invites him again (without hinting of the item left behind thus signifying that she found nothing unpleasant about the discovery) and then leaves the girdle in the guestroom (allowing him to retrieve it without discussing it).

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