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A routine physical some 25 years earlier (I don't remember the year in the mid-1980s) resulted in a medical discovery and the conclusion that I need to rely on pills for the first time in my life. My doctor prescribed medication for my hypertension (it was in excess of 140/90) and I have been on blood pressure medication ever since. Instead of curing the deadly malady, I am today on a regimen of three different pills I swallow daily in response to my blood pressure having settled in the 200+/100+ stratosphere. It is scary, very scary.

That's when I met Regina and Marshall Cussell who told me all about wheatgrass. What did I have to lose? I ordered the juicer and my first batch of fresh wheatgrass.

I was so close









In excess
of 140/90








Please bear in mind, blood pressure is affected by many variables and can vary from reading to reading.

But readings above 140/90 consistently recorded on a daily basis, worse, year after year and decade after decade, must not be ignored.

Don't become a victim of THE SILENT KILLER.

May 15, 2010 was my first day of juicing and drinking 2 oz. of wheatgrass juice. On this fateful day I registered a blood pressure reading of 208/110. From now on I prepared and drank 2 oz. of wheatgrass juice every morning. I was even blessed with a pleasant side benefit: the sweet grassy taste reminds me every morning now of my childhood days when we youngsters tumbled in the backyard and chewed on the grass covering our playground.

On May 22, 2010, seven days later, I must admit, I wasn't prepared to read what my blood pressure monitor reported: 130/75. No, I didn't jump up and down with joy. Let's see what the coming week will bring, I told myself.

Having lived for so many years as a prime candidate to become a statistic and now enjoying my third year as a septuagenarian, you can understand why I gave my blood pressure monitor little rest during the second week of relying on the words of hope from the Cussells. Every day the numbers were in a range I have not even come close to for some 25 years.

On May 29, 2010, my brother Rudi's 70th birthday, my blood pressure was down to 111/66. I felt good and was happy.

I will keep you up to date on my progress and report my blood pressure reading from time to time. Will I be able to stop swallowing those blood pressure pills?

On June 5, 2010, three weeks after beginning my daily routine of drinking wheatgrass juice, my monitor advised me of a 136/86 reading. Isn't that exciting news!

The readings on June 12 and 15, 2010 confirmed my stunning progress.

Today is June 25, 2010 and 40 days have passed since embarking on this journey of hope. I press the Start button on my blood pressure monitor. The purring of the inflation cuff wrapped around my wrist lasts about a millennium but stops after 57 seconds — 135/68 is the reading. Is this a new lease on life? The Silent Killer is now much less likely to count me as a victim. Will I soon be able to announce, “Who wants my pill dispenser?”

Thank you, Regina and Marshall. I will see you tomorrow at the Farmers Market for my weekly supply of wheatgrass.

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